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Secure File Storage

Store copies of important files and documents off-site

What happens if your computers are stolen, hacked, confiscated by the police or if there's a fire, or a flood? Backing up to an external hard-drive or a network server in your office won't help you!

The solution is to store your important and sensitve data in a separate physical location, offshore, far away from your legal system.


Backup important documents such as contracts, agreements, receipts, invoices, passwords, appointments, attachments and all sorts of communication you want to keep off your PC.

Share files with others

Share documents, photos, home movies, and virtually any type of file with others in a secure enviroment (SSL). Limit and contol access to files password protected and indenpendetly to each communication partner. (Coming Soon - May 2007)

Access your files from anywhere

You can see your files from anywhere with secure internet access. This means you can move and share files while you are on a business trip or your enjoyable vacation.