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100 % Anonymous Domain Registration
Registration Outside the USA and EU
You do not need a paid membership with us in order to register a domain with us
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anoynmous domain

Anonymous Domain Registration

AnonymousSpeech.com keeps your domain anonymous,  away from prying eyes,  data miners and government harassment.

Unlike other "anonymous domain providers" we register your domain name anonymously and 100% offshore in Japan .

Important to know: We not only register your Domain outside the US and EU., we are also physically located outside the US and EU.

By using our legal address, phone, fax and email in Japan, we ensure that your domain is properly registered at WHOIS, which does not lead to a loss of the domain when domain names are registered with false information.

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Why is an anonymous offshore domain superior to a regular anonymous domain registration?
  • Gain Jurisdictional Benefits
  • Lower Tax Rates
  • Prevent Oppressive Government Harassment 
  • Stop domain-related Spam Deter identity theft & fraud
  • Prevent harassers, stalkers & data miners!
  • Maintain your privacy
  • Let you run a home business without unwanted intervention
  • Remove your personal information from the Whois Database

Enjoy enhanced security and privacy in a jurisdiction with superior privacy laws in place!

Technical Overview

You are fully flexible to set your own domain settings.

  • Create any kind of setting like A Records, MX, MXE, CNAME, TXT,URL FORWARDING, URL MASKING
  • Create your own nameserver



Anonymous Domain FAQ

Q:  Where do you register domain names?

A:. We register domain names in Japan with a japanese registar. Note! We do not use Godaddy.com or any US or Europen registar. Our domain registration is absolutely offshore.

Q: Can I manage my domain names without having a paid membership with you?

. Yes. Domain names can be managed in via our DOMAIN/HOSTING Manager area which includes DNS changes, forwarding, masking  and other administrator changes. You do not need a paid membership with us to access your domain for management.

Q:You are more expensive then other anonymous domain provider, why?

There are a lot of pseudo anonymous domain providers on the Internet which offer anonymous domain registration at discount rates. Most of these services are not anonymous and won't protect your privacy when it comes up to legal issues like subpoena (court order) or even a letter from a lawyer.

AnonymousSpeech.com is a purely anonymous service, which does not collect any private information from you. We are a specialized for anonymity products and have our own lawyers in place to fight any legal battle for you. You get what you pay for.

Please read more about our security measures here.

If you are going to sign-up with another anonymous domain provider, make sure they are completely offshore, anonymous - not private- , do not have any registered company or staff in the US or EU and offer anonymous payment methods like a cash payment.

Always make a Google search and look for information online about the service you are going to join. You will find out that the for example the famous GoDaddy.com Privacy Service (Proxy By Domains) does not protect your privacy. Read more here 

Can I change the data that appears in the WHOIS record?

. No. False information can not been shown in the WHOIS record database. False information can lead to the loss of your domain name.

How does the transfer process work?

A: Once a transfer is ordered and paid for, we will initiate the process from our side. The process takes approximately 7 days and you will need to have access to the email listed in the whois administrative record for your domain.

Once you receive a transfer request, you will need to forward us the email you receive. 

  • If your domain name will expire within 10 days, you can not transfer it!
  • If your domain name was purchased within 60 days, you can not transfer it!
  • If your domain name is LOCKED at your current registrar, you must unlock it!
  • If your current domain registrar does not allow domain transfer, you can not transfer it!
  • If your WHOIS contact email address is not valid, you can not transfer it!
  • If you do not confirm the domain transfer, sent to you by email from your current registrar. you can not transfer it!


Q:. You told me that I need to send you an "Authorization Code" in order to initiate a domain transfer. What is this?

A: The Authorization Code is a number which you option from you current registrar "23ER43QWERT". You have to send us this Authorization Code in order to start a transfer.

Contact your current domain registrar. Also check out your current domain registrars FAQ. You will likely find all information you need.

Q:. Can I host an anonymous domain on my current providers service, or do I have to use yours?

A: Yes. You can point your domain to your existing provider or any new provider you choose to host with.

Q:. How soon will my domain be active across the Internet?

A: 48 hours or less.

You can find or ask more questions in our Domain & Hosting Forum


Domain Transfer Process

Domain transfers normally complete in 7-14 days. Domain transfers automatically progress in accordance with ICANN's Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy as follows:

  1. Customer submits a domain transfer order to AnonymousSpeech.com including the Authorization Code.
  2. Once the transfer order is received, we initiate the transfer with the Authorization Code you supplied us.
  3. A confirmation email is sent to the registered email address found in the whois database.
  4. The customer confirms the confirmation email. In case no confirmation is received within 5 days, the domain transfer will be invalid!
  5. If unlocked and we received transfer authorization, a transfer command request is sent to Official Registry for approval within 5 days. Registry contacts both registrars involved in domain transfer. 
    Unless Current Registrar legitimately denies the domain transfer or you tell them to stop it, the transfer occurs within 5 days. It can occur sooner if you or current registrar confirms the transfer before 5 days, however registrar confirmations and approval times vary. If they fail to respond, the domain transfer occurs by default 5 days after registry request.

Domain Price/ Year Minimum



We can register new domain namese like .ninja .space etc. Please contact our support

com 39.95 € 1 Year
net 39.95 € 1 Year
org 39.95 € 1 Year
me 49.95 € 1 Year
biz 39.95 € 1 Year
co 59.95 € 1 Year
tv 89.95 € 1 Year
info 39.95 € 1 Year
ca 59.95 € 1 Year
cm 149.95 € 1 Year
us 139.95 € 1 Year
cc 59.95 € 1 Year
nu 59.95 € 1 Year
in 49.95 € 1 Year
asia 199.95 € 1 Year
bz 59.95 € 1 Year
co.uk 39.95 €/y. 2 Years
ac 109.95 € 1 Year
am 149.95 € 1 Year
at 129.95 € 1 Year
be 49.95 € 1 Year
br.com 99.95 € 1 Year
cn   1 Year
cn.com 99.95 € 1 Year
co.nz 99.95 € 1 Year
com.cn 59.95 € 1 Year
com.co 49.95 € 1 Year
com.mx 159.95 €/y. 2 Years
com.tw 89.95 € 1 Year
io 89.95 € 1 Year
de 89.95 € 1 Year
de.com 99.95 € 1 Year
eu.com 59.95 € 1 Year
fm 149.95 € 1 Year
gs 109.95 € 1 Year
hu.com 99.95 € 1 Year
idv.tw 89.95 € 1 Year
jp 139.95 € 1 Year
kids.us 139.95 € 1 Year
la 99.95 € 1 Year
me.uk 39.95 €/y. 2 Years
ms 109.95 € 1 Year
name 39.95 € 1 Year
net.cn 59.95 € 1 Year
net.co 49.95 € 1 Year
nl 59.59 € 1 Year
no.com 99.95 € 1 Year
nom.co 49.95 € 1 Year
org.cn 59.95 € 1 Year
org.nz 99.95 € 1 Year
org.tw 89.95 € 1 Year
pro 49.95 € 1 Year
qc.com 99.95 € 1 Year
ru.com 99.95 € 1 Year
sa.com 99.95 € 1 Year
se.com 99.95 € 1 Year
se.net 99.95 € 1 Year
sh 109.95 € 1 Year
tc 109.95 € 1 Year
tm 149.95 € 1 Year
tw 89.95 € 1 Year
us.com 59.95 € 1 Year
uy.com 99.95 € 1 Year
vg 109.95 € 1 Year
za.com 99.95 € 1 Year