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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

Anonymous Email - Security Facts

AnonymousSpeech.com employs extensive measures to ensure the anonymity of its subscribers. Some of the most significant of said measures are those taken to secure both its servers and its own intellectual property. To do this, AnonymousSpeech.com utilizes state-of-the-art-technology to neutralize attacks from hackers and other evasive techniques.
The fact sheet below gives you a general overview about AnonymousSpeech.com's security measures. It is not intended to be a technical whitepaper, but rather, represents a more basic overview of AnonymousSpeech's security mechanisms. If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit our Anonymous Email FAQ or contact AnonymousSpeech directly.

Anonymous IP

Emails sent from AnonymousSpeech.com do not contain a subscribers private IP address at any time. Subscribers also have the option to delete any data sent via email through AnonymousSpeech's servers. Allowed by law! 

Clean Email Header

Emails sent from AnonymousSpeech's servers do not disclose the private email address or the IP address of a subscriber's service provider.

SSL Encryption

The connection between your browser and other websites are be routed through dozens of independent systems, any of which can easily be monitored. AnonymousSpeech.com uses high security 128-bit encryption to secure the communication between your browser and our servers.

Read more about SSL in our SSL FAQ

No Log Files

For the security of our subscribers, AnonymousSpeech does not backup any log files. We store logfiles for a maximum of five days. This protects our servers from being compromised by abusive users. 

Offshore Servers

For our subscribers security, AnonymousSpeech's servers are constantly moving (Malaysia, Japan, Panama, etc.)  and are ALWAYS outside the United States and the European Union.
You can affirm our physical server location with this independent traceroute utility.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Our service uses state-of-the-art intrusion monitoring to detect DoS (Denial of Service) and hacking attacks. Each failed login is recorded and immediately reported for each user account.

Encrypted Login and Password

AnonymousSpeech.com stores all login information as a salted hash values.

For example, the username "peter" would be stored as "2FE3W1@DE". It is important to know that this hashed value ("2FE3W1@DE") can not be decrypted at all!

As a matter of fact, most of all internet services do not protect their customers login information at all. They store all information in plain clear text, which is a big security issue if their database is compromised.

Erase Your Entire Account

Subscribers no longer having use for an account with AnonymousSpeech.com have the option of deleting his/her account completely from our servers. This includes both sent and received emails, user account data, and/or any other data that may have been collected.

PGP Secure Email

AnonymousSpeech.com offers secure encrypted email (OpenPGP Standard) over SLL without any installed programs on your PC. We do all the complicated work for you in the background as your "trusted man in the middle".

Read more about secure email.

Anti Phishing Protection

Protect yourself from password theft with your personal sign-in seal. Don't be an easy target of phishing scams. Create a sign-in seal you'll see whenever you sign into AnonymousSpeech.com. If your sign-in seal is not there, it's likely to be a spoof page created by a phisher to spy on you.