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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

Anonymous Email - Available Features

This page contains a general overview about the features available to subscribers of AnonymousSpeech.com. AnonymousSpeech.com's services are intended to be as simple as possible to operate, without any requisite technical knowledge necessary for its use. Should you have suggestions on how to better or further enhance any of the features provided by AnonymousSpeech.com, please feel free to contact us.

Read Receipts

Whatever happened to that email you sent?  Or maybe they never got it? Was it not even opened at all?  When you use the Read Receipts feature, e-mails that you send are automatically and invisibly tracked. The instant the recipient opens your message, AnonymousSpeech.com automatically notifies you.

Screenshots Read more about Read-Receips

Secure File Storage

AnonymousSpeech offers a secure place to gather, store, back-up and share any type of file. You can upload, download and manage your files over our secure SSL connection with any web browser.

  • store backup copies of important files and documents off-site
  • store sensitive date to keep your home PC clean
  • share files securely with others 
  • backup your laptop while traveling
  • access your files from anywhere
Read more about Secure File Storage

Anonymous Filesharing

Share files securely with others without identifying yourself to anyone. Edit, add and delete shares at anytime, including a self destruction mechanism which allows you to delete your shares automatically.

Read more about anonymous file sharing.

Anonymous Forwarding via Outlook Client

Use your preferred personal email client like MS Outlook or any other email client when sending anonymous email. No need to access AnonymousSpeech.com all the time when sending anonymous email.

This will save you time and you can enjoy all the features from your personal email client.

Read more about anonymous forwarding via Outlook

Secure Form

Offer your clients a way to contact you completely anonymous and secure. Our secure forms are submitted PGP encryptedt. Absolutely unhackable. Create Secure Form.

Anonymous Forum

With the anonymous forum you can discuss delicate  topics completely anonymous without the fear of compromising your identity towards others. Read more about Anonymous Forum

Choose Sender Address

By default, the sender address is an email address from our domain at AnonymousSpeech.com. Subscribers have the ability to change this address at any time.

Time Delayed Email

Subscribers have the ability to send email at a specified date and time in the future. Emails can be re-edited, changed or deleted prior its sending  date. 



Store secure contacts and email addresses. Many customers store secure contacts and email addresses directly in the addressbook, to hide them from their private PC's.



Store Email Drafts

Store your email drafts including attachments and send them later to any email receipient. Saves you a lot of time when sending the same email over and over again..


Emails can be sent with attachments up to 15MB per email.

Coming Soon

AnonymousSpeech.com is continuously developing new features to meet subscriber demands. At the moment, The following are a list of AnonymousSpeech's new features under development:   
  • Offer anonymous email to your customers on your website .
  • If you have ideas to enhance functions or usability please let us know.