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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

Anonymous Email Forwarding

Forward anonymous email from your preferred email client (Outlook, Outlook Express or any other email client), without the need to access AnonymousSpeech.com when sending anonymous email.

This will save you time and you can enjoy all the features from your personal email client.

All you need to do is create a  FORWARD HANDLER, which is an email address at AnonymousSpeech.com handling all your email forwarding.

Any email sent to this FORWARD HANDLER is automatically forwarded to its final destination without your IP address in it.

Note! Embedded pictures in HTML messaged  do not work! Use Anonymous Email Forwarding only for plain text messages.


  • Access AnonymousSpeech.com and create your personal secure email forwarding handler.
  • Start your email client and type into the TO: (*1) field your personal secure email forwarding handler, which you defined first at AnonymousSpeech.com 
  • To specify the receivers email addresses, type "to:" (*2) followed by all email addresses you wish to send. (up to 50 email addresses seperated with a comma). Hit ENTER twice and start writing your message.

Quick Notes

  • Only for paid subscribers
  • Embedded HTML email style not supported
  • Attachment supported (up to 15MB)
  • CC/BCC not supported at the moment
  • Specify up to 50 email addresses