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Why are we one of the most trusted anonymous email provider in the internet today? Because we have the technical and legal skills to provide our customers a complete secure solution for anonymous email.
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Recommendation from AnonymousSpeech.com Clients

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Very easy to use and seems secure so far. As my role is to divulge sensitive whistle-blowing activities to the press, I require security and anonymity as a necessary safety factor.

Tried to hack your system with different techniques such as SQL Injection, Cross Side Scripting, automated brute force to make sure no hacker can crack your system. I completely failed in all my attempts. Your system always blocked my IP Address or restricted access to accounts. I can assure that your security is working perfectly.

Russian Hacker
My wife tried to divorce me, but she failed to prove in court about the existance of my mistress, which I always had. For some reason they found out that I was sending anonymous email and tried to contact you guys. They never received any information from you.

Thank you AnonymousSpeech.com for keeping your anonimity promise!
I am pleased with your secure service and sure I others will agree to that.
Your customer support is always on time and resolve problems quickly.

Tax Laywer - USA
Sent you several fake bribes some time ago to make sure wheter I can trust you or not. Never received any answer from anyone.
Using this service to send pictures of my kids to my divorced husband. I do not want him to know my location which could lead to my address.

Anonymous - USA
I am a political writer using Anonymousspeech.com to protect me and my family from the Chinese government. Freedom of Speech is a very precious gift, unfortunately it does not exist in China.

Political Writer - China
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The UK government offers a special phone line for reporting tax cheaters but this is far away from being anonymous. Phone calls and numbers can be recored and instantly tracked. We started recommending your service to report tax dodgers in the UK instead using phone calls.

Non-governmental Organization - UK
We are extremely happy with the performance and stability of the products and the support we receive from Anonymous Speech.

Our company uses the anonymous forum to discuss issues in our company. We advised our staff to access AnonymousSpeech.com outside the company to be completely anonymous to the management. It has been a great success and its used frequently.

Kopenhagen - Denmark
I have been in search of a good anonymous email provider for some time. No one offers all the security features like failed logins detection, SSL, encrypted usernames like AnonymousSpeech.com does.

10,000 emails sent in 5 minutes. Great performance!

Anonymous - Brazil
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Wir empfehlen Anonymousspeech all unseren Klienten, die auf diskrete, sichere und anonyme Art mit uns in Kontakt treten wollen. Der Service ist kostenguenstig, zuverlaessig und absolut empfehlenswert. Anonymousspeech hat uns unzaehlige schwierige Auftraege gesichert.

Anwaltskanzlei - Deutschland
Ich habe euren Service mit drei Bestechungsversuchen getestet und habe nie eine Antwort auf diese Bestechnungsversuche bekommen! Ihr seit nicht nur technisch und rechtlich top, auch eure Ehrlichkeit ist lobenswert.

Anonym - Deutschland
Ich benutze Anonymousspeech fuer meine Recherchen. Es ist in meiner Arbeit ein unentbehrliches Werkzeug geworden. Nur mit Hilfe von Anonymousspeech komme ich an die Informationen die ich brauche.

Journalist - Schweiz



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Individual landing page after login
Delete unused email addresses and set unique settings for each used email address
Show failed login list
Anti phishing picture
Friendly pseudonym name
German translation
Information about complaints made by email receivers
Notification for time delayed emails
Countdown for time delayed emails
Bulk Email sending
Erase a complete useraccount
Payment via Egold
Payment via secure swiss bank
Anonymous Forum
Independent access counter
More detailed information about sending anonymous email

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